Apply Knowledge of Neuromuscular Anatomy and Physiology

The Pop Quiz below contains 3 questions from the following knowledge area of the CSCS exam. Failure to correctly answer questions may suggest an area that needs further review.

Exercise Sciences

A. Apply Knowledge of Neuromuscular Anatomy and Physiology

  1. Neuromuscular anatomy (e.g., motor unit, Type I and II fibers, muscle spindle, Golgi tendon organ)
  2. Neuromuscular responses to exercise (motor unit recruitment patterns, nerve conduction, summation, etc.)

When answering the questions, please choose the “Best” answer.

1. An athlete training for a marathon would benefit from having a high concentration of which muscle fiber type?


2. A college football player decides to add 30 minutes of intense stationary cycling every other day to his current resistance training program. Which of the following best describes the effect the stationary cycling will have on his performance?


3. When performing a biceps curl, tension in the biceps brachialis muscle increases. Which of the following structures detects and responds to the tension by reflexively reducing muscle activation?