Apply Knowledge of Bioenergetics and Metabolism

The Pop Quiz below contains 3 questions from the following knowledge area of the CSCS exam. Failure to correctly answer questions may suggest an area that needs further review.

Exercise Sciences

E. Apply Knowledge of Bioenergetics and Metabolism

  1. Charecteristics of the energy systems
  2. Effects of manipulating training variable (i.e., mode, intensity, duration, volume and work:rest ratio) to target specific energy systems

When answering the questions, please choose the “Best” answer.

1. A male athlete fatigues during the running of a marathon and must pull out of the race, which is the most probable factor that limited his performance in the race?


2. Which of the following pathways/systems has the highest capacity for energy production?


3. The phosphagen energy system would primarily supply ATP for which of the following activities?